Leading the way to knowledge based job matching

Fedoor is a SaaS solution for the recruiting industry, ranging from job boards to HRs, that provides an ecosystem for knowledge-based recruitment.

A Holistic Approach to Job Search

We believe that in the age of automation where learning the tools is easier than ever, a satisfying job placement takes more than just a set of skills. For that reason, we built an ecosystem based on a holistic algorithm that matches candidates and positions based on criteria such as experience, thinking style, hard skills, and soft skills.
Our SaaS package includes all tools, from search engines to semantic analysis algorithms, that enables the recruiting industry to implement a holistic approach into their product.


Problem: Keyword-based job search burdens job seekers with finding the right keywords to find jobs.

Fedoor: Our intelligent search is made specifically for job search and can semantically understand and perform both on keywords and longer text queries.

Problem: Job seekers are unable to express and market their soft skills and thinking style.

Fedoor: We empower candidates to measure and visualize their thinking style and soft skills, and include them in their job search.

Problem: Job ads are typically too generic about the thinking style and soft skills required for the role, or lack that piece of information altogether.

Fedoor: Our semantic analysis tools measure and visualize the soft skills and thinking style that a job description implies. It also assists employers to write more accurate job descriptions leading to higher quality matches.

Problem: Job-candidate matching only centers around hard skills and downplays or overlooks the rest of a job seekers’ profile.

Fedoor: Our holistic matching algorithm enables job seekers to search for a job based on their profile, that includes their soft and hard skills, their thinking style and their experience.

From the other side it helps employers to find the best match for their position in a talent pool.


Javad Hashemi, Ph.D.


Amir Malekpour, Ph.D.


Ali Abedi, Ph.D.


Our worldview

We believe that people are distinct in how they approach, analyze, innovate, and solve even when they use the same tools. That is what we call knowledge and we think it should be considered in choosing jobs or employees, and building teams. People earned and built their style and they are at their best when they are practicing it and building upon it. We believe that people’s thinking style does not define what they can do, but indicates how they do it.

For that reason, we created Fedoor to represent candidates as a whole, with their skills, social-personal abilities, thinking style, and meaningful experiences that they gathered along the way. We then built an algorithm to find them a job and a team that embrace them as a whole.